Terrific trees

In need of a break from the art studio I headed over to the The Higgins Bedford this weekend to have a look around their current exhibition 'A Walk in the Woods – A Celebration of Trees in British Art':

A wall vinyl promoting the exhibition

The Higgins Bedford

November 2017

The introductory text to the exhibition

The Higgins Bedford

November 2017

There was a great selection of drawings, paintings and prints to take a look at, and a helpful blurb to accompany each work:

 Gallery view of the exhibition

The Higgins Bedford

November 2017

The two particular highlights from the show for me were drawings by:

  • John Constable

This was a careful and detailed drawing of two trees in a garden setting.  The mark making was subtle and precise, conveying a great sense of place and demonstrating what a skilled draftsman he was.  

  • Lucian Freud

I'm a dedicated admirer of Freud's figure paintings, but can't recall seeing many drawings.  It was great to be able to get up close to see the detail of this work.  The drawing style was bold and confident,  and it was particularly interesting to be able to inspect the different marks he made to represent the natural tree and plant forms in the composition.

Visiting this exhibition was timely as a series of paintings I'm currently working on are inspired by mark-making in the landscape.  I'm experimenting as I develop these new canvases and am not yet entirely sure how I'll resolve them.  I'm looking forward to testing out some new ideas after being freshly inspired by my 'walk in the woods' through the gallery.

The exhibition is definitely worth a visit, and there is plenty else to have a look at whilst at you're at The Higgins Bedford.  You can even take a selfie in a 300 year old mirror!:

Selfie in a 300 year old mirror

The Higgins Bedford

November 2017

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