Autumnal adventures

September and October this year have been all about escaping the daily grind to enjoy time away with the family in celebration of milestone birthdays for both family matriarchs.  

Towards the end of September we headed to a well known forest retreat village for a week in an executive log cabin.  In-between the swimming, bike riding, and trips around the lake, I found time to do a little bit of art:


White chalk on a blackboard


Tina alongside Tina 

September 2017

Marks (Study 2)

Mixed media on paper


In mid-October we took to the skies for a week in a fabulous villa in Majorca for a last dose of sunshine and vitamin D before the onslaught of British winter.  I was too busy drinking, eating, exploring, and braving the non-heated pool ,to do any of my own art work this time. 

I did manage to bring plenty of inspiration back to the art studio with me though:

Majorca nature

Digital photograph collage

October 2017

Majorca everyday art

Digital photograph collage

October 2017

Majorca cats

Digital photograph collage

October 2017

I also have lots of photographs from landscapes (taken from the skies and the ground) to archive as source material to work from. 

Returning to work always feels a bit glum after the excitement of a holiday.  To cheer me up, and remind me of the great times we've had this autumn:

  • I've re-organised the art studio

  • I'm planning how to use some of the new images I've archived.

I'm also day dreaming about being back by the pool and taking afternoon walks in the sunshine!:

Majorca and me

Digital photograph

October 2017

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