As the follow-up to the earlier 'Running out of time' post I can confirm my latest drawing commission has been safely delivered to its new owner. This means I can now share with you, after all the sneak previews of it being created, 'Run' it its entirety:


Acrylic and ink on textured paper



Private collection

The drawing was commissioned by my nephew as a graduation gift to his University flatmate. The brief was to create a drawing based on an advertising campaign poster used by their University featuring a photograph his flatmate.

The story goes that, although she was aware her photograph had been taken and may be used for promotional purposes, she didn't realise this would be a mass advertising campaign timed near the start of their final year. Arriving back at the University for their final year my nephew delighted in discovering her face displayed across the city (including in shop windows, on advertising boards, and on buses). His flatmate was reported as feeling rather less delighted!

My nephew decided a drawing to remind her of this time would be a fitting graduation gift. I wasn't convinced his flatmate would see it as quite so fitting so, to bring a bit of balance to proceedings, I added a drawing of him finishing the Leicester half-marathon. This felt fitting as:

  • I completed the Leicester half-marathon with my nephew at around the same time as the advertising campaign was in full flow

  • I like to remind him of the half-marathon as, much to his annoyance, I crossed the finish line before him *sniggers*

I'd like to finish this post by saying a huge congratulations to both my nephew and his flatmate on receiving their degrees last week. I'm one very proud Uncle, and am looking forward to hearing all about the future adventures post-University life will bring.

It's 15 years since I graduated from University and, by the magic of collage, here is a photograph of my nephew and I on our respective graduation days. I've been told there is definitely a family resemblance - what do you think?

A photograph of my nephew and I at our respective graduations

(albeit 15 years apart!)

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