Running out of time

This weekend was spent finishing a new commissioned drawing I started last week called 'Run'. This title:

  • Was informed by the subject matter

  • Neatly references the intense late night studio session to get it completed (as I started running out of time to meet a deadline!).

Last week was all about adding the base layers to structure the composition:

This weekend was dedicated to adding the details:

Much to my relief I managed to meet the deadline with about an hour to spare. This left enough time to get it mounted and framed ready for collection:

This is just a glimpse of the final drawing. I'll be able to reveal 'Run' in its entirety after its been safely handed over to its new owner later this month.

I'm now preparing to return to the day job for a relative rest after a hectic studio based weekend!

#Drawing #Painting #Commission #Deadline

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