New look for the summer

We've had a glorious spell of lovely sunshine over the past week or so.  I love summer but must admit I have a tendency to wilt in the peak of particularly hot weather.

Over the weekend I found an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine whilst benefiting from the coolness offered within our cottage, by updating the Adam Brant art website from my studio desk by an open window.  

Changes have been made to each page within the site.  As you can see from a comparison of the old homepage on the left, to the new homepage on the right, the site has an updated look and feel for summer 2017 and beyond:

The changes are aimed at making the site easier and more engaging to use and include:

  • An updated look and feel to the site to make it easier to view on both computers and mobile devices

  • New introductions to the content of each page so you'll know what you'll find within each area of the site

  • A new header banner to better represent what I do

  • A short biography and updated artist statement to give you a better idea of what motivates me to make art.

There may be a few snagging issues so if you notice something that's not quite right (from difficulties navigating the site, to links not working or dreaded spelling mistakes!) please get in contact.  

I hope you enjoy having a look around the updated site, and find something to interest or inspire you :-)

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