Post-partying postcard

I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through 2017 already. Whilst I enjoy sitting in the last of the evening sunlight at 9pm I was thinking back to this time six months ago. Back then the sun faded from view five hours earlier, and I was blowing away the grogginess of festive partying by creating my first art exhibition entry of the new year.

I'd seen a call-out from the Surface Gallery for entries to their annual International Postcard Show a couple of days earlier. I was keen to create a new postcard art work to start 2017 with an exhibited work under my belt, but with very limited time (and a food and drink hangover) I needed some quick inspiration. This came from a surprising source - a Spirograph set I received as a Christmas present a week earlier! From this humble beginning ‘Taut’ was born:

Taut Acrylic and ink on watercolour paper 2017 15.2cm x 10.2cm

Surface Gallery interviewed me about ‘Taut’ as part of their promotion for the exhibition. You can read my artist interview with Surface Gallery in their blog post

If you have browse of the wall posts on my Adam Brant visual artist Facebook page you’ll also see some photographs of ‘Taut’ exhibited within the show.

There are lots of other artist interview posts to read from the exhibition on the Surface Gallery blog too. It was a great show to be part of, with a huge variety of fantastic original art work up for grabs at a bargain price.

Keep your eye out for opportunities to get involved in future shows at Surface Gallery (either as an exhibitor or a visitor). It’s great to see a gallery which celebrates and supports the benefits of community engagement and broadened participation in the arts.

Surface Gallery is a volunteer-led initiative which makes what they’re achieving even more impressive – thanks for letting me play a little part in your story.

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