Cowabunga dudes!

Over a period of just under 18 months I completed framed drawings of these dudes as a set of Christmas and birthday gifts:

I loved the Turtles as kid so this was no great chore! Any proper fan has a favourite Turtle and, as indicated by selecting the above clip, mine was Michelangelo.

The favourite Turtle of the recipient of the drawings was Raphael so I started with him. I actually used my own original Turtle action figures from the eighties to create the drawings (I am a renowned hoarder so it was no great surprise to anyone I still had these!). Creating this series was not only a great chance to relive my youth, but also a great opportunity to practice my observational drawing skills.

The original intention was to do just one drawing as a gift, but after the recipient immediately broke the sequencing code (the colour of the background indicated the next Turtle I would attempt to draw), I felt committed to creating them all as gifts!

This is a really interesting set of drawings for me as they document how my approach to depicting the figures developed in ambition and confidence as the series progressed:

The Turtles Collection

Acrylic and ink on watercolour paper


Private collection

It is not often I revisit exactly the same subject matter so it is good to have this collection of drawings to reflect on. During periods of creative frustration they will act to remind me that the more I do the more I progress.

I would approach each of these drawings differently if I were to do this series again. This is what excites and inspires me as an artist - the journey of continuous challenge and learning.

Larger scale individual images of each drawing are available to view in the objects section of my gallery page.

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