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Curious to explore how social media could support my art work I created a twitter account back in May 2009 with the hope of:

  • Networking with other artists

  • Connecting with art-related opportunities

  • Sharing the fruits of my own artistic labour.

Almost seven years later this curiosity has very much been rewarded. I have found myself part of an inspiring and supportive virtual art community that provide the type of creative motivation so valuable within the safe confines of art school (but difficult to maintain once you are released into the ‘real world’).

The best example of how my art work has benefitted from twitter has been my involvement with the TwitterArtExhibit. Fellow tweeter David Sandum put a call-out for artists to submit a postcard sized art work to a new charity exhibition opportunity for twitter user back in 2010.

Although a little dubious of the authenticity of the request I decided it was worth the risk as:

  • If authentic it was for a great cause

  • There was no entrance fee

  • At the very worst I would have wasted time creating one small art work

It turns out the request was very much authentic. My work not only appeared in the exhibition held in Norway alongside work from over two hundred other artists from around the work, but it also made an appearance on Norwegian television and was purchased by David himself!

Since that first show the exhibition has gone from strength to strength. Six years later I have just submitted my entry for the latest instalment being held in New York in March 2016. ‘Davisons’ is the latest addition to my catalogue of contributions and appears in the top left of the following montage of my entries over the years:

The exhibition goes from strength to strength each year (with a different selected charity benefiting from the proceeds each time). David expressed his delight at receiving over two hundred entries back in 2010. I hope he is justifiably proud that his infectious enthusiasm and sheer love of art has seen that tally rise each year (to over six hundred last year - a number I fully expect to see rise again for 2016).

It is a reflection of this success that a committee was established to curate and manage the exhibition. My extended thanks go to all those working behind the scenes working to make it all happen. I have connected with some amazing artists through my involvement, and it is great to know I have been able to help others through donating my work.

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to support the TwitterArtExhibit each year from that very first show back in 2010. It goes to show taking risks with art can lead to exciting and great things.

I have much respect and admiration for David - a man who believes art can help to change the world, and the drive to make that belief a reality.

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