In early spring 2015 I received an invitation from a friend to donate a painting as a raffle prize for a fundraising event for Cancer Research UK.

I was delighted to accept the offer to play a part in helping to raise funds for this important work. My Aunty had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer so it was poignant for me to contribute towards this particular cause.

In an effort to generate ticket sales for this local event I decided to create a new painting based on a local landmark for the raffle rather than submit an existing canvas. After a Sunday afternoon trip around Biggleswade taking research photographs I decided to create a painting based on George’s Hall.

To ensure that I hit the 11 July 2015 deadline of the event I started the canvas several months in advance to allow time to develop the painting to a satisfactory resolution:

Georges WIP Summary 1.jpg
Georges WIP Summary 2.jpg

The final painting ‘George’s’ was then used to promote the event and generate ticket sales:



Acylic on canvas


Many thanks to all those who purchased tickets, and to George’s Hall for supporting the painting ‘raffle lot’ with a 25% discount voucher. Yesterday the painting was prepared for transportation to the event (with the help of house guest Benji):

Georges Wrapped.jpg

The event was a great success and, along with the raffle, raised nearly £900. ‘George’s’ was won by a local gentleman who said that the painting reminded him of many good times experienced at George’s Hall over the years.

My friend who organised the event will be walking the Great Wall of China in October 2015 to raise further funds. If you like to sponsor her efforts please visit her JustGiving page.

Since that first request to donate a painting sadly both my Aunty and Uncle have passed away as a result of cancer-related illnesses. George’s is therefore dedicated to the memory of both Aunty Janet and Uncle Mick. I’m privileged to have had them in my life, and have many happy memories of time spent together that I will always treasure.

I’m very glad to have had an opportunity to use my art work to play a small part in raising funds to support the work seeking a cure for this terrible disease.

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