And we're off

I am utilising the Bank Holiday weekend to get my studio practice back up and running:

  • Transference

I have resurrected the Transference project that I initiated back in Leicester. I have had to re-think my approach to this project as it is based around regularly visiting a location once a month, and creating work in response to that environment over a period of a year.

Moving to a different part of the country meant that using a location in Leicester for this project was no longer practical. I have now identified a location in Bedfordshire to re-start this project and the first site visit was completed on 16 August 2014.

I will be creating both digital and painted art works as outputs from this project. I am currently editing a selection of digital images from the first visit which will be the first published responses to this new environment:

Transference (A1A) Digital Research Image August 2014

Images from this project will be added to a Data Collection folder on my Adam Brant Fine Art Facebook page as they are completed. This leads me tidily into…

  • …Up-dating

I have updated both my website and Facebook pages and aim to keep these updated with much more regularity. Remember that you can also follow my progress on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Dusting-off

I have two paintings that I need to complete as part of my new series of works. Progress on both of these was halted as a result of my re-location and still sit, I’m ashamed to say, in their ‘bubble-wrapped-for-transport-protection’ jackets.

  • New arrivals

To facilitate productivity a fruitful art shopping trip yielded some new arrivals to the studio which I can’t wait to start using:

New studio arrivals Art studio August 2014

With the dark autumnal evenings fast approaching I am excited at the prospect of immersing myself in the warm safety of the art studio.

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