All change

This year started so well with a focussed and productive flow to my studio practice:

Then everything changed.

Unfortunately I am not yet in a position to earn a living from just doing my art work and still need a day job to pay the bills. Around Easter time I applied for a new job and was lucky enough to be offered the position.

In all the excitement the reality of the situation suddenly kicked-in and the following facts all simultaneously flooded my mind:

  • The job I had accepted was in another county

  • I had around 6 weeks from the date of being offered the position to starting

  • I had to find somewhere new to live – and quickly

  • I had to move

  • I have a lot of stuff

  • I have to pack

  • I have to sort out paperwork and contracts – both personal and professional

  • I have more stuff than I thought

The art work production then stopped.

The first room in the house that I had to pack was the art studio – it made sense logically but I knew that I would lose all momentum. Reluctantly the art hiatus started and the contents of the studio quickly declined to nothing:

Then there was the excitement of using a Rug Doctor:

Then there was the arrival at the new, smaller but perfectly adequate, new art studio:

And finally the studio unpacked and ready for action:

When I say ready for action I mean unpacked – a month has passed and no new art work has been produced. This was however only to be expected. I have gone through the setting-in process of a whole new chapter to my life and am now ready to get cracking:

  • The website needs updating

  • My Facebook page needs to be tended-to

  • The sketchbook and notebook both need dusting-down

  • The unfinished paintings need tackling

  • Documenting the ideas generated from my new environment

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me with the move, been patient about my disappearance from the outside world, and those who gave me such a good send-off from my old life and welcome to my new life.

So here we go again – let the art commence!

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