Going live

The paintbrushes were abandoned in the studio over the past week whilst I finally took the plunge and created an art website. This is something that I have been planning to do for a long time.

Although it may seem that the site appeared from nowhere (with minimal effort or thought), the process of creating it evolved in roughly this order:

10 years ago Had the idea to create a website to promote my art work following a course about html code (more than slightly concerned about the levels of frustration I could cope with building the site using html code).

6 years ago Basically planned the structure that a website would be if I created it (then realised it would be good to have more art work created to launch it with).

4 years ago Lots of research into website building providers, hosts, and domains (excited by the fact that I could now create a website without having to type in the html code myself).

2 years ago Signed up with a host and started to create a website (development abandoned, but page templates kept intact, following getting jittery about financial investment).

1 week ago Logged back in, built website, added images, brought domain, subscribed to host, and published (took decisive action after spending many hours talking about it and not actually doing it). was officially launched on Wednesday 19 February 2014:

Screenshot of homepage Adam Brant Fine Art 19 February 2014

There have already been a few tweaks since publication (and thanks to those people for their input, it is very much appreciated!). The idea is to use this to promote my work, and hopefully connect with more artists, organisations and projects.

Any feedback is appreciated - I want to make the site as informative as possible. I will aim to regularly update the site with news, and the image galleries are set to expand over the coming months.

The website is intended to be an extension of how I connect with the world via my art work so is very much in conjunction with my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (and not forgetting this blog, which I hope to utilise more rather than less!). Indeed connections to all of these existing social media outlets are included right at the top of the site.

For now I am glad to have it completed so that I can get on with the important task of creating more art work to share...

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