I can confirm that last week I managed to meet the second of my two New Year art resolutions for 2014, and submitted a painting to Leicester Open 25. I like to take part in this exhibition to show my support for the local contemporary arts scene in Leicester. This year, in a physical representation of this support, I transported my painting to the museum in the snow!

The concept for the painting that I submitted was conceived way back in 2012, but it is only since the start of this year that the bare bones of the composition that had been drafted were finally resolved:

Although there is a lot of competition, I think that this canvas does actually take the record for the longest gestation period of any of my paintings (and there is some serious competition for that record!).

It is the official basis for the new body of work of that I have been devising over the past few years. The concept behind it is directly guided by my latest artist statement. It marks my return to submitting to the Leicester Open Exhibition for the first time in four years:

Denied Acrylic on canvas 50.8 x 50.8cm 2014

Like most artists I may have been working on this right until the last possible moment (hence the poor quality photograph of the completed canvas). Photographing paintings in watery early morning winter light is never a formula for good quality images. I will hopefully get a better image when I get to see it again!

I should hear this week whether or not it has been selected (it is a bit like waiting for exam results). Whether it is selected or not I am really pleased to have finally completed this painting, and to once again show my direct support to the local contemporary art scene.

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