I am pleased to confirm that I have met one of the two stated deadlines for the New Year, and will be contributing a new art work to the Fourth #TwitterArtExhibit in Orlando.

I devised and commenced work on my entry way back in November:

Due to a variety of other commitments this postcard sized art work unintentionally found itself on the backburner. However, after a concentrated effort over this weekend, I was finally able to add the final touches:

#EastToEast is my entry to the Fourth #TwitterArtExhibit:

#EastToEast Mixed media on watercolour paper 12cm x 16cm 2014

I am very happy to have been able to support this charitable project since it was founded by David Sandum in 2010.

As previously, painting on such a small scale is quite a challenge. Although my work is often detailed in places, it has a much larger overall ground where multiple images are layered. Within the dimensional constraints of a postcard-sized work, this focus has to shift to the layering of techniques and medium within a single image in order to create a coherent whole.

As with #AyUpMyDuck for the Third #TwitterArtExhibit, the concept behind #EastToEast was to send a bit of the UK to the USA (playing upon the traditional idea of the postcard being a vehicle to send part of a visited location to somebody else). In this instance it is sending some of the East of England to the East of America.

I will be posting my entry tomorrow and hope that:

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