Ending with a flourish

After an intermittent few years in terms of actually producing art work, I managed to end 2013 with a painting flourish. During this period of questionable productivity I have been re-evaluating my studio practice – completing lots of research and trying out various ideas. I am also very grateful to have become a lot more immersed in the local flourishing Leicester art scene. This has provided much needed inspiration, and an opportunity to become creatively reconnected with other artists.

The final painting that I completed during 2013 was ‘Amelia’ (also the final Christmas gift of the season to be wrapped). This painting evolved over a month or so during various painting sessions:


The festive period is a very busy time of the year and, with other commitments (and ill-advised decisions to make other time-consuming gifts at short notice), it proved challenging to find prolonged isolated periods of time to dedicate to this painting. I like to share these work in progress images whenever I can to show how a painting develops and evolves. As a painter I find these images the most interesting when looking at practices and works of others.

I often have a basic plan of how a painting may look when I start, but it is always a completely intuitive process. The final image is often resolved in a surprising way that I could not have predicted. This is what makes the creative process fun for me – the combined elements of discovery, experimentation, frustration, and learning new skills. These fundamental reasons made me re-evaluate my studio practice in the first place as I felt that I was on the cusp of my work becoming formulaic. I always aim for my work to challenge me, and to question my own interactions with the world.

‘Amelia’ was safely transported and unwrapped by the recipient by the end of the year:


Amelia Acrylic on canvas 2013 Private collection

My attention is now firmly focussed on trying to meet two more exhibition deadlines – it is good to be starting 2014 in a state of painterly production.

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