Like a kid at Christmas

As the end of 2013 fast approaches I have attempted to end the year with a flourish of studio activity. Whilst work has continued on both my #TwitterArtExhibit entry, and my own main studio practice, in a bid to meet imminent up-coming exhibition submission deadlines in 2014; the race to complete a couple of new works as Christmas gifts has taken precedence over the past couple of weeks.

Sailing close to the deadline wind, Lewis’s, was the first of these to be completed (and is the latest addition to the #MiniArt range):

Lewis’s Mixed media on watercolour paper in up-cycled frame 2013 Private Collection

This was a gift for my parents and was completed on Christmas Eve (and not wrapped until Christmas morning – nothing like a bit of extreme deadline pressure to focus the creative mind). It is based on the Lewis’s Tower in Leicester, all that remains of the substantial Lewis’s Department Store building that was sadly demolished to make way for a more generic glass fronted parade of shops in the 1990s.

This particular building was selected because I have fond memories of visiting Lewis’s with my parents as a child during the 1980s to:

  • See the Christmas displays in the windows of the store every year (all bright lights and various characters joltingly moving via the medium of primitive mechanised devices)

  • Meet the proper Father Christmas for the first time in their famous grotto (although I can remember queuing for hours for this privilege – think queuing for a ride at Alton Towers during peak season – so this only occurred once).

  • Read all of the Mr Men books that we did not already have at home (I seem to have a memory of this section being on the basement floor which was adorned with an ill-advised green carpet).

Creating works in the #MiniArt range is something that I hope to continue into 2014. As the works are a lot smaller than my usual paintings, it allows an opportunity to experiment with new ideas, maintain a productive momentum in the studio, and complete new work within days rather than months.

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