Introducing: Transference

As an artist I have previously always focussed on creating paintings as a documentation of my artistic journey. As I try to build upon the recent creative momentum gained through the completion of my contribution to the 2013 WindowsOn exhibition, I have resurrected an idea I had earlier this summer for a year-long art project. As with the #MiniArt range, the aim is for this project to run concurrently with my main studio practice to encourage a more consistent artistic output.

'Transference' is a project that will compliment my main studio practice and sit under the conceptual umbrella of my recently revised artist statement. Through this project I have identified a specific location that I will visit once a month for a year to collect data. This data will be used to create art works for the duration of the project.

This gives me a great opportunity to:

  • Engage, react and respond to an environment over time

  • Develop a series of more experimental art work

  • Utilise this (too often neglected) blog regularly again.

Transference will be an organic project so I have no preconceived idea of what work will be produced. I plan to work regularly, and intuitively, from the data collected to experiment with ideas. As with my main studio practice the conceptual basis of the project will ultimately link all of the work, no matter how diverse, together. It really is an opportunity to experiment with a range of visual responses and practical processes.

The work produced will become a visual diary of my reaction to this particular environment over the course of a year. I am trying to approach it as I would a sketchbook - to not get too precious or concerned if things do not work, and to not edit mishaps or hide the creative processes that do not quite go to plan.

I will keep a chronological log of the imagery collated from this project in an album on my Facebook page, along with sketches and other preliminary preparatory work. I have already uploaded some of the digital research images taken during three preliminary visits to the location during early summer when I devised the concept:

Transference (P1E) Digital Research Image May 2013

Transference (P2E) Digital Research Image May 2013

Transference (P3E) Digital Research Image June 2013

I never normally publish digital research images so I have already started to embrace the challenge of sharing the full creative process. As I develop this project I will also eventually plan to add another album of creative responses that will compliment this album of visual documentation.

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