Re(Turned) for WindowsOn

I was invited to take part in the WindowsOn exhibition at Sumo again this year. This provided an opportunity to develop a new piece of work that directly related to all of the data I have been collating over the past couple of years. Making a concerted effort to develop and evolve my studio practice has, at times, been a frustrating process. Having the opportunity to work on a large scale painting to a fixed deadline helped to focus my thought processes.

The resulting painting, ‘Turned’, has officially become the first in a new series of studio paintings under the tentative project title of ‘juncTurn’. A full timeline of ‘work in progress’ photographs of this painting can be seen on my Facebook page. As with my previous work the ground of the painting is developed by working intuitively to build up layers of imagery.

To partly show this process here is a summary of a particular area of the painting as it developed from conception to completion:

The completed painting is constructed using shapes and colours that have all been used for a particular reason:

Inspired by the story of The White Lady at the Guildhall in Leicester, the painting embraces the past and celebrates the future. Part of my own history, present, and future hopes, are also incorporated into the work. This information is deliberately coded – it is unlikely that anyone other than me can decipher the full intended meaning of the work.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to interweave this secondary narrative into my work, particularly trying to keep it concealed whilst using such basic shapes and blocks of colour. When explaining this concept to a friend it led them to compare it to The Da Vinci Code which I had not thought about before. The idea of hidden messages in my art work is most definitely a legacy of the research I did into the still life genre for my dissertation as an art student.

‘Turned’ has now been installed in one of the factory window recesses in the courtyard at Sumo and can be seen until August 2014:

Hopefully Turned marks the turning point in finally translating the data that I have collected into finished art works.

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