One of the art projects I have been working on during my (shameful) blogging absence over the summer was ‘Ruby’:

Ruby Acrylic on canvas 2013 Private collection

I enjoyed working on this canvas as:

  • It was a birthday present for a friend

  • It took me away from my usual studio practice

I sometimes struggle with finding resolutions for work that does not sit directly within the series of paintings that I am working on as part of my studio practice. However, ‘Ruby’ actually helped to provide some clarity through the very act of it taking me away from over-thinking how to utilise the mass of research data that I have collected over the last couple of years.

‘Ruby’ is constructed using imagery, shapes and colour that all have a particular meaning; some of which are obvious, and others which are more abstract. This system of image construction has now been incorporated into my main studio practice. This has allowed me to develop a method of aesthetically representing collated data and experiences in conjunction with a revised process of image layering. From this a new visual language of coded symbols has started to evolve.

#AdamBrant #Painting #Art #Drawing #Portraits #Symbolism

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