Hibernating with a purpose

As the glorious summer weather finally looks as though it has definitely disappeared for another year, I have resigned myself to the dark mornings and evenings and re-settled myself into the studio habit. In order to make productive use of the winter months when the weather is not always conducive to outdoor research data visits, I wanted to finally lock-down an artist statement.

I feel I need to do this in order to focus my studio practice to create a coherent body of work that I can use to apply for artist residency opportunities in 2014.

I had an attempt at a new artist statement earlier in the summer which was, frankly, not very good (I made the mistake of writing it all the way through the night, and what sounded coherent with no sleep clearly does not in the cold light of day). I was tempted to delete this previous attempt, but the whole spirit of this blog is to share the good, the bad and the ugly. From talking to other artists I think it is important to share the failures/challenges as well as the successes, I certainly gain a lot from these honest conversations with other creatives.

This is therefore my newly revised artist statement. It is still a fluid document that could very well be amended, but I feel much more comfortable with this being a good starting point (a copy of this can also be viewed on my Facebook page along with a CV of exhibitions)…

Artist Statement October 2013

My work explores the relationship between the past, present and future. Following in the tradition of the still life, objects, micro-environments and symbols are used as a starting point to create personally codified responses. The resulting imagery is often historical in context, but aesthetically references the impact of commercialisation experienced within my own lifetime.

Inspired by the study of semiotics, and the debates surrounding nature verses nurture, my practice questions the concept of time as a continuum. Through research into supernatural phenomenon, in conjunction with observations of our physical environment, a personal visual language is continually developed and evolved. This language is intended to challenge the extent to which we consider ourselves to be a product of, what we perceive to be, our own lifetime.

The layered process devised to create the works deliberately cultivates a visual ambiguity. Whilst the marks and symbols that are created by this process are intended to encourage a shared experience, the coded imagery partially obscures direct referencing. A full complete translation of my reaction to the source material therefore remains elusive and completely personal. This invites the viewer to both develop their own narrative response to the imagery, and to decipher the codes that make the complete sum of its parts.

Ultimately the works that I create are a personal reaction to the fleeting moments that create our present, whilst simultaneously embracing the past and celebrating the possibilities of the future. By working intuitively each work becomes a documentation of my own journey and relationship with time and space.

Since graduating with a Fine Art degree in 2002, I have exhibited in America, Norway and the UK.

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