I have spent the past couple of years researching and planning a new body of work following the series of paintings created for my solo exhibition Displace at Embrace Arts. Within my studio practice I prefer to work in series to create a coherent body of work that is intended to be viewed as a whole rather than the sum of its parts.

The concept for my new studio practice uses the Displace exhibition as a basis, but marks a major aesthetic and conceptual shift in my work. As I have evolved as an artist my personal codification has naturally become more abstract and, paradoxically, the concepts increasingly personal and universal. However, this is the first time that I have made a concerted effort to progress the conceptual basis of my practice before embarking upon new work.

Taking this ‘time-out’ from actually producing studio paintings whilst I carried out various avenues of practical and theoretical research has given me a renewed enthusiasm for creating, as well as giving me the confidence to try both new painting techniques and methods of codification.

I am still working on a new artist statement to reflect this refinement in focus, but I have now started practical work on the series of works that will form the body of work I have tentatively entitled ‘juncTurn’. I currently have three new canvases at various ‘work in progress’ stages:

Denied (work in progress 4) Acrylic on canvas 2012-13

Turning (work in progress 5) Acrylic on canvas 2013

Balancing (work in progress 2) Acrylic on canvas 2013

These paintings still have a way to go before being resolved, but it is good to finally start sharing the work that I am doing again after what seems like an eternity of visual silence! I have started publishing ‘work in progress’ images of new works in the photos albums on my Adam Brant Fine Art Facebook page, so this is a good place to keep track of my progress on both these and other new works.

I am also working on a longer term project that will sit under the ‘juncTurn’ series of works, through which I hope to explore and document an environment significant to me via various visual responses. This project in particular should enable me to make a more regular return to blogging… …it’s good to be back!

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