#Leicester takes #LA

I am pleased to confirm that #AyUpMeDuck has officially safely arrived in LA for the third Twitter Art Exhibition.

The organisers of the event are working super hard in the lead-up to the exhibition – even scanning and posting entries as they arrive on their website:

(Image courtesy of Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles)

There is still *just* time to submit an entry if you are an artist on twitter who wants to get involved – the deadline for the organisers to receive submissions is Friday 4 January 2013.

If you are around and about LA when the exhibition is on, from Saturday 12 January – Sunday 10 February 2013, please go and support the exhibition (and also maybe take advantage of the opportunity to buy an original art work at a bargain price!). The official invitation has now been published – if you look carefully you will see that #AyUpMeDuck features on the invite:

(Image courtesy of Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles)

As I will, sadly, not be in LA for the exhibition (unless somebody would like to donate my air-fair?!), I shall look forward to seeing photographs of the exhibition. As with the previous two Twitter Art Exhibits, it is exciting to see all of the contributions together. A great example of how artists from around the world can work together to support a worthwhile cause.

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