I have a fascination with ghost-signs – these faded physical memories of what has gone before provide a physical catalyst for imagining time-slips and different periods of time running concurrently with our own.

Whilst out and about taking research photographs in the late autumn sunshine last weekend I came across a local building being renovated into flats from a former corner shop:

The ground floor of this building has remained vacant since I moved to the area and, until this recent building work was undertaken, these signs were completely hidden underneath more recent boarding. A similar process of revealing and concealing layers of ‘visual information’ is utilised within my paintings.

I very much suspect that, rather than be preserved or enclosed once again, these boards will be dismantled and replaced. I am therefore glad that I managed to document them before they are destroyed, and the last remaining physical evidence of the buildings previous use is lost from its frontage.

#Ghostsigns #Timeslip #Inspiration #LeicesterMercury

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