I am pleased to be able to contribute #AyUpMeDuck to the third #TwitterArtExhibit:

#AyUpMeDuck Acrylic on paper 2012 11cm x 15.5cm

As previously, painting on such a small scale has been the main challenge. Although my work is often detailed in places, it is of a size where a slight shake of a tiny paintbrush does not have *quite* such a major impact on what is being painted!

The concept behind this postcard was to send a bit of Leicester to LA. There are actually 10 references to Leicester within the imagery – some of them more obvious than others. If anybody can name all 10 I will create another postcard sized art work to post to them (on a mutually agreed theme).

In order to enter please:

  1. ‘Like’ my Adam Brant - visual art Facebook page

  2. Message me the 10 things that you think refer to Leicester on the postcard

Please remember to message rather than post the answers on the page wall so as not to give away the answers to others! The winner will be the first person to message me all 10 correct answers (as some of them are a bit obscure look out for some handy hints on my twitter page).

I now just need to package and post my entry, and hope that it makes it to LA safe and sound. Hope that all you other art tweeps are getting involved too?! As previously, I am looking forward to seeing all of these individual mini- artworks together when the exhibition opens in early 2013. Fingers-crossed that this one will be as successful as the previous two…

#TwitterArtExhibit #VirginiaArc #ArtDivision #Charity #DavidSandum #ExhaleUnlimitedEUGallery #LosAngel #NatGeor #Leicester

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