#TwitterArtExhibit takes #LA

As you may be aware from previous posts I been fortunate enough to have taken part in the #TwitterArtExhibit since its conception by David Sandum in 2010.

For the third exhibition things are moving Stateside and it is scheduled to be held in LA. Twitter Art Exhibit: Los Angeles is to be hosted by the E.U. Gallery.

If you are a twitter user you are eligible to take part so, as there is still time, get cracking! The organisers of the event are showcasing postcards as they arrive so make sure you follow them on twitter and Facebook.

To keep track on the progress of the exhibition, and also have a sneaky preview at what artists are submitting prior to them even posting their work, follow the hashtag #TwitterArtExhibit on twitter. The curators of this third show are Nat George and Virginia Arce.

Everybody involved in these exhibitions, from the artists to the organising committee to the host gallery, give their time and resources for free to support a designated cause. This time it is to support Art Division.

My previous two entries have been:

Soldier Acrylic on paper 2010

Bloom-In-Corner Acrylic on paper 2012

I have been working on my entry over the last few days having had the luxury of a long weekend away from the day job to really focus on it. I am pleased to report that I *finally* finished it this evening. I am hoping to unveil #AyUpMeDuck tomorrow…

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