Displace - solo exhibition

I am currently updating my Facebook artist profile page to create an electronic CV of exhibitions and community work that I have undertaken. This process has involved much digging in my own archives for information and images, and of course lots of reminiscing! It also made me realise that I have never created an electronic archive of one of my main achievements since leaving the cocoon of art school - my first solo exhibition.

The exhibition, entitled 'Displace', was a collection of new paintings exhibited in Gallery 02 at Embrace Arts (formally The Richard Attenborough Centre) at the University of Leicester during January 2009. The series of paintings are based on local Leicestershire myths and legends.

  • Artist statement

Displace 'shift from the proper or usual place'

Everything has a time and place - or does it? Imagination is a powerful tool. When considering what else could be happening at any given moment, the possibilities increase infinitely if parallel periods of time are running concurrently with 'our own'.

Taking inspiration from local myths, legends and paranormal activity, recent works have explored the juxtaposition of pictorial space, the painting process, and time. The paintings, comprised of artefacts preserved from my own past, are informed by events experienced by others whilst representing my own current artistic practice.

This ambiguity is amplified in the presented imagery. There is no reference to a definite space; shapes, figures and layers overlap and intertwine. The paintings are also given single word titles, suggestion rather than prescription encouraging a proactive and individual investigation and response.

The painting process is always informed by the people, landscape and history that contribute to an environment. Paintings are a product of the society created by an environment, yet ultimately remain personal and private.

By working intuitively the painted surface becomes a documentation of an artistic journey and period of time. Marks and symbols employed by the artist are captured and presented, yet personal experience and thoughts remain elusive and obscured.

Each painting in this exhibition evokes personal memories of a particular period of time and circumstance. I hope that by allowing the paintings to become part of your environment and experience, no matter how fleetingly, you will somehow be inspired.

  • Paintings

Bracken Acrylic on canvas 2009

Bella Acrylic on canvas 2009

Knoll Acrylic on canvas 2009

Opera Acrylic on canvas 2009

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