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Music plays a big part in my day-to-day studio ritual (actually I don’t think I ever do anything creative without music as a companion). Every so often a certain song will particularly inspire me. As was the case with M.I.A. ‘Bad Girls’, it is often the combination of a song and video that will compel me to the point of wanting to obsessively repeat it.

This happened over this weekend with the Ellie Goulding track ‘Anything Could Happen’:

I heard the song before seeing the video and the ambiguity within the lyrics, alongside the layered sounds within the composition, caught my attention. Adding and taking away layers is a big part of my painting process so it is unsurprising that I also find this an interesting element of the music that I listen to.

However, upon seeing the video for the song, my interest and appreciation of the track turned into more of an obsession. The narrative of the video made me think about the song in a totally different way again. It also has a very cinematic feel to it and, as a painter, I obviously also very much appreciated the Surrealist references.

For me this is definitely one of the instances where the song and video form a cohesive whole – one most definitely complimenting and enhancing the other.

I am just entering an interesting stage within my own current studio practice where ideas are starting to come together but are not quite resolved. I never have a fixed idea of what a painting is going to look like, or know exactly when it will be resolved. Listening to tracks such as this help to inspire and motivate me to explore ideas and take bigger risks as, indeed, anything could happen…

PS If you see over the next week walking around listening to my MP3 player – it will most likely be this that I am (repeatedly) listening to.

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