Impressive installation

Following on from this post my contribution to the 2012 WindowsOn exhibition was transported from my front door to Sumo for installation. WindowsOn is part of Seahorse Creative Hullabaloo and they kindly captured the installation of ‘Celebration’:

(Images courtesy of Seahorse Creative Hullabaloo)

I was impressed by the way they managed to install all of the art works so quickly (a process which also involved taking down all of the boards from the previous exhibition). This is definitely the first time that a crane has been used to install one of my paintings (the nearest I have previously completed work on this kind of scale was using scaffolding in order to paint a mural for the Students’ Union).

The sun was shining for opening of the exhibition – which involved good food and drink, lots of music, and an artist painting a mural ‘live’ inside the bar area at Sumo. The exhibition runs until around April 2013 so if you are in Leicester there is still plenty of opportunity to go and visit. I believe that the plan is to auction the paintings at the end of the exhibition to raise further funds for local MS charities:

A catalogue was also produced for the exhibition:

If you are interested in purchasing one contact me via my Adam Brant - visual artist page and I can send you the appropriate details.

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