Ah-ha – so this is where my blog is – evidently I have misplaced it for most of this year! I have spent most of my absence re-evaluating my studio practice and trying to develop a strong conceptual basis to drive a new body of work. I feel that now is the time to re-boot and fully re-engage with the creative process, in terms of both making and sharing my work.

In committing myself to this cause I finally purchased some new canvases the other week:

I like to work in series, and my current idea is to use the same size canvases for all of the new work. The idea of using the same space to create a painting, and seeing how different uses of the same space can create different experiences, is one of the things I am interested in exploring. Although I may use different dimensions, the square canvas (for now) is king.

I am currently working on a new artists’ statement to try and distil and define what this new body of work is exploring. I have almost collected too much information over the time I have been researching, so it has taken a while to try and bring all of the ideas I have been exploring back down to a base level. I intend to work very intuitively with this new work so have no fixed idea of where these paintings will lead to, or how they will ultimately be resolved. This is what makes the painting process exciting for me. I will keep you posted on progress.

I am hoping to once again post regularly on here as writing about my work really helps me to self-evaluate, drive-forward ideas, and also recognise when I may be hitting a bit of a creative wall.

In my absence I have also participated in two charity exhibitions, and worked on a couple of other individual paintings. Hopefully I can do a bit of a 2012-to-date retrospective over the next few posts to catch-up with the blogging time I have missed.

It is good to be back in the blogging-sphere…

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