Sunny Sunday Shopping

In order to celebrate the start of British Summer Time, I inadvertently arranged to go to this car boot sale in an unfortunate case of reckless social planning *cue getting up at the ridiculous hour of 7am (technically 6am) on the officially acceptable day to lie-in*

On the plus side it was a lovely sunny morning (much better to make the most of it than laze around on the sofa), and I managed to purchase a bargain Chinese style crockery-set:

Only two items were chipped by the time I got home. This, coupled with a few items missing from the set anyway, means that it fits perfectly into the ‘nothing-matches-or-is-quite-a-complete-set’ aesthetic’ of my house.

I love the old-lady-ness patterns on these:

I need to get out-and-about now that the nicer weather is hopefully around the corner to start drawing from nature again, and maybe start creating some of my own pattern designs. The crockery is now at home in my equally old-lady-ish sideboard.

On a slightly negative note I am still kicking myself for being too tight to part with £4 for this book.

It would be perfect visual inspiration for my new body of work but I refused to pay so much at the car boot foolishly thinking I would be able to pick it up cheaper (and possibly not even second-hand) on either ebay or Amazon. Annoyingly £4 is definitely about the going rate (and in most cases that is not including postage). Ah well – can’t win them all!

Progress shots of latest painting are on the way soon. The painting is nowhere near finished but, as this one is not a commission piece (or present for someone), I can share the complete progress of it (the good, the bad, and the ugly!).

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