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I have finally had a conceptual breakthrough in my studio practice. After months spent researching around local history I was starting to suffer from information overload – too many ideas floating around to be able find a way to secure them to a focussed point of reference.

Following a chance conversation with someone about whether or not they had ever had a paranormal experience, one remark they made provided that elusive focal point that had been eluding me. My art work has always been almost exclusively concentrated on painting which, for me, is quite a self-contained process. It was therefore somewhat liberating to engage someone in conversation exclusively about their experiences, and then consider how this could help to inform my work.

This has sparked my interest in actually hear directly from people regarding their experiences, rather than discovering them second- or third-hand. I am particularly interested in hearing from people who feel that they may have had a paranormal experience. In order to facilitate this I have set-up an online questionnaire:

The questionnaire can be accessed here.

It would be great to hear about your experiences, no matter how minor they may have been. By looking into the paranormal I have become conscious of not slipping into visual clichés. By hearing about experiences first-hand I hope to try and create something more interesting and less obvious.

With participants permission I am also looking at ways that some of the information that is collated may also become part of this new body of work. For the first time I am considering how my work may evolve as an installation piece rather than just a series of paintings.

As for what the aforementioned big conceptual breakthrough is? I am keeping that under-wraps for now until I have tested out some ideas and hopefully have some finished paintings to share. Even if this breakthrough leads to a series of conceptual dead-ends it will have certainly helped to develop my visual response to the subject matter I have been researching.

I shall look forward to hopefully hearing about some of your paranormal experiences…

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