Following inspiration from watching Kirstie’s Handmade series (it may be the McDonald’s of craft but I still love it), I have finally managed to source an alphabet letter-stamp set:

After discussions with a crafting work colleague this set was sourced fromEbay (I had been looking for a while but most of the sets were either just capital letters, or the actual size of the stamps were far too big for what I wanted).

I plan to use these to get back into making some handmade cards to sell via (my still criminally neglected) Folksy page. I have previously made a very amateurish foray into incorporating sewn fabrics into handmade card designs (I was more excited about having sewn rather than the actual result!). However, in the interest of productivity, I am going to keep it simple to start with and put together collaged pieces based on previously developed designs (but now with added letter-stampage).

In the excitement of receiving the letter-set I tried out the stamps using a standard ink pad:

I think that this initial (rushed) experiment can, at best, be described as ‘patchy’. More careful and considered use of the letters will hopefully be put into action on the actual cards that are produced.

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