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Since the start of the year I have kept to my age-old resolution of doing some art work everyday, although up until now it has often been a bit sluggish. What I needed was a fresh injection of inspiration and that was unexpectedly delivered this weekend.

Whilst updating my Spotify playlist for February (a prime example of wasting time in the studio twittering about instead of just cracking-on) I noticed theM.I.A. track Bad Girls which I had not heard before. A quick YouTube search came up with what is, quite possibly, one of my favourite ever music videos:

I have a couple of M.I.A.’s albums and, as they are somewhat more sonically challenging compared to the pop-trite I normally listen to, I have to be in the right mood to play them. The layered and experimental nature of the compositions is something that inspires me to take risks in my own painting. My approach to painting is definitely influenced by what I listen to which is why, for me, sound and vision are inextricably linked.

I wanted to share this video as it has put some creative fire back in belly. I have to admit I am a bit ignorant in my knowledge of the intricacies of some of the political statements behind M.I.A.’s work, but definitely appreciate the sonic aesthetic she has developed. She is one current musical performer I believe who actually uses her work to communicate her observations on wider society, raise awareness of particular issues, and deliver them in a challenging and thought-provoking way.

For me M.I.A. isn’t just being provocative for the sake of it – she actually has something real to say. Others may very well disagree with this opinion, but that is the point of great art in whatever format, it challenges preconceptions, initiates debate, and divides opinion.

I have found as I have got older my opinions of things have become more diluted – this video has been a catalyst for getting some of that creative passion back.

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