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Via the power of Twitter I stumbled across the following YouTube video made by the Centre for Urban History at the University of Leicester:

I was geekily excited about this as, in a nutshell, this is the basis of the concept of my current studio practice. It is particularly interesting to get a different perspective on Konrad Smigielski, who was Leicester City Council’s Planning Officer in the 1960s. Most of the other information I have found about Smigielski portrays him as almost villainous, so it is interesting to discover that not only did he inherit a lot of the work that was undertaken during his tenure (rather than initiate it), but that the vision he had is what Leicester has now to some extent become.

Through this article it was really interesting to be able to see actual footage of Smigielski.

I am reaching a point now where I need to start playing around with visual ideas from the research I have already completed. I often get so distracted by finding new information that the time to actually put ideas into action seems to slip away from me.

I have several threads of ideas that I want to try out but actually pulling those threads together is going to be challenging, probably frustrating, but hopefully worthwhile.

My tendency to layer imagery is something that I definitely want to exploit and play-upon in these new works. In order to get myself moving, and experimenting, the plan is to start on smaller canvases with a view to developing larger works once that I have found an aesthetic that communicates in the way that I want it to.

*Resists temptation to look up more local history stuff*

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