#twitterartexhibit the sequel

I am pleased to report that I am ensconced in work on my new canvas – refreshing my studio space over the festive period has had the desired effect on my creative productivity so it was (up until now) a worthwhile effort. I have managed to put paintbrushes down for long enough to discover via twitter that David Sandum has managed to arrange a second #twitterartexhibit.

I was really excited to hear about this as participating in the first one was a great experience. My entry now resides in Norway with David Sandum – I like the fact that a piece of my work is in a country I have never even visited.

I am looking forward to the challenge of coming-up with a new postcard sized artwork, I definitely think that this one will be inspired by the work I am doing on local city scenes past and present. The exhibition last year was even featured on Norwegian television so the pressure is on to try and visually represent and introduce Leicester to a wider audience.

The proceeds from this exhibition are to go to a crisis centre for women so it is a worthwhile thing for twitter creative-types to get involved in. More details are scheduled to be published over the coming weeks so keep an eye on the#twitterartexhibit feed on twitter, follow David Sandum, and get creating (and hopefully then posting at a later date) your entry.

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