I find sharing ‘works-in-progress’ shots of new paintings difficult as they are often canvases being produced as gifts and I am wary of:

  1. The recipient reading this blog and seeing what I am up to

  2. The recipient seeing the canvas in a non-finished state and despairing at what is being produced, panicking at the direction the canvas is taking, or worrying that the painting is not developing as they had hoped

  3. Actually revealing how close to the wind I regularly sail meeting deadlines (best for recipients to remain only vaguely aware of last minute panics via anecdotal, rather than actual, evidence).

I am currently working on one such canvas. On this occasion however I am willing to share a fleeting (abstract) glimpse:

This painting is well over a year over-due (very patient friend!) so I wanted to prove that I am actually working on it. There is still a long way to go on this painting; decisions regarding colours and depiction of form have altered fairly drastically in the last two days alone. However, I feel as though I am finally working towards a resolution.

I will try and bite the bullet and show at least one more ‘in-progress’ shot of this canvas before finally revealing the full final painting.

I have no such qualms about sharing the work I produce as part of my own independent studio practice. I am indeed looking forward to being able to share more ‘works-in-progress’ images of canvases as they evolve this year (which is, I hope, going to be a very productive 12 months). My work often builds-up in layers and it would be interesting to be able to share this process, and maybe involve the opinions of others in the decision making process as a painting evolves.

#Workinprogress #WIP

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