My new best studio friend

Well 2012 has started with me partly ensconced in the studio (apart from socialising and testing out new slow cooker recipes!). Unfortunately no new work to share *quite* just yet but hopefully some ‘work-in-progress’ images are imminent.

I always listen to music when I paint. This habit has recently become somewhat more exciting upon the discovery of Spotify via a friend’s news feed on Facebook. I realise that I am a relative late-comer to Spotify, but I *love* it (and you can use it, albeit with some annoying adverts, for free). Not only a great way to listen to all of the songs I was probably too embarrassed to buy at the time they were out, but you can create your own playlists (geek-tastic!).

In the interest of actually getting some painting done before the dreaded return to work after the long (and lovely Christmas vacation), I have cobbled together a January studio playlist (I could have spent at least around another four hours looking for tracks to add!). The playlist currently includes:

Skunk Anansie (reminds me of GCSE and A Levels):

Gorillaz (reminds me of being at University):

Adele (now officially on my ‘dream-next-door-neighbour’ list alongside Sara Cox and Liza Tarbuck):

Britney Spears (the shame!):

Alisha’s Attic (remember them?!):

There is also probably too much Natalie Imbruglia, and not enough Beyonce orRihanna! However, there is plenty of time to add and delete tracks over the coming weeks as I road-test the playlist in my studio. Basically if I ever feel the need to skip a track I will delete it and replace it with something else.

Right on with the painting, singing (and occasional dance) with my new best studio friend...

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