I have spent most of the day tackling the clear-up and re-organisation of my studio. It has gone from looking like this:

To now looking like this:

Not bad for a day’s work (that also including assembling three flat-packs!). The main changes have been:

  • The easel area is now far less cluttered and ready for action at a moments’ notice (no more sifting through piles of stuff to get to the seat by the easel)

  • The table area has been moved around to offer a fresh perspective (I tend to find that moving furniture around to different positions in the room tends to re-ignite my creativity). There is also a lot more clear space on the table to work on (my New Year resolution is to keep it this way – although I have allowed myself a small area to pile stuff onto in order to maintain some sense of realism!)

  • My ancient computer and scanner have been moved to a designated computer desk area to allow for this extra space on the table. It is much better to have these out of the way (and to have them stored a bit more discreetly!)

  • Right in the foreground (and in the background to the left) are the two new old lady style tea trolleys. These are already proving to be fantastic storage devices. The one in front of the table is being used to store all of my jars and pots of paint so that they are much easier to access and use. Both trolleys are also on wheels which also offers me more flexibility within the studio

  • The cupboards doors are closed…sadly I have not quite managed to fully tackle the ‘cupboard of doom’ so thought it best to hide and ignore it for now! This can be a job to do when I next need to work through a creative block!

So, apart from *that* cupboard a job well (although technically only half) done. I am really looking forward to getting down to some serious painting over the next couple of days in the newly arranged space. Without the inconvenience of actually moving it is like being in a total different space; one which I hope will inspire me throughout 2012 and beyond.

Happy New Year to everyone – fingers crossed 2012 will be a good one...


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