2011 has been a year of unexpected twists, turns and changes of direction. One of the changes was moving house and subsequently having to create a new studio space. I had pretty much settled into a flow of work in my old studio space (although admittedly production was somewhat sporadic depending upon what else was going on socially, at work, what was on TV etc.). I did however feel settled and know where everything was (although to the untrained eye it probably just looked a mess!).

Packing everything away and re-setting up was challenging, it certainly completely halted any sense of momentum I had previously built-up. On the plus side my new studio space is actually a slightly bigger space and, even better, it has a much bigger window to let in more natural light. The downside has been that I am yet to manage to find a way to fully utilise the space.

During the Christmas vacation, and to hit the ground running for what I hope will be a creative 2012, I have decided to have a mid-winter tidy-up and re-organisation.

The studio currently looks like this (please note I have made no effort to tidy up so this pretty much shows the ?organised? chaos I work amongst!):

The easel area set-up to take advantage of the natural light that comes through the window (photograph taken during the evening so the curtains are drawn!). One thing I have ordered is an old lady style tea-trolley that I am hoping to use to organise and store the clutter on that is currently strewn across the floor and the chair.

The desk area (and my favourite feature of the studio - the fireplace). I need to find a way to re-organise this area so that there is always a fully clear area on the desk to work on (clearing clutter is always an obstacle, and hindrance, to efficient productive creativity). To start this process I have now cleared away the file boxes stored on the floor to the left to make way for another old lady style tea trolley. The file boxes have now been moved to this new bookshelf constructed in my bedroom today:

And finally, what you may have caught a glimpse of in one of the previous photographs, the cupboard of doom:

This is such an excellent storage space that has become a dumping ground for tat. My main aim for the big tidy-up is to utilise this space as it would be a great archive and reference area.

I feel I have made a positive start today in moving towards a much more productive 2012. By once again relocating (albeit only artefacts to other parts of the house and the studio this time) I hope to relocate my painting mojo.


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