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One of my work colleagues forwarded a link to me to The Sketchbook Project which is being run by Brooklyn Art Library. My colleague (an arty type herself) seemed reluctant to take part as she had not produced any art work of the painting and drawing variety for a while. I was trying to convince her that this would be the perfect way for her to get back into it; the theme of the sketchbook being the redevelopment of her art practice.

Whilst giving this advice I realised that I was also having very similar doubts about taking part, and that for the same reasons I should take part myself. It could be a great way for me to get fully engaged with my intended project for 2012 based on local history and the city as it stands today.

My theme would be Leicester past and present. Due to limited time (and I have to admit laziness on my part) I never take my sketchbook out with me anymore. I instead rely on my digital camera to document inspirational source material. I then tend to work directly from these photographs.

It wasn’t always this way – when I was in Cyprus for a month during my degree I used my sketchbook continuously on museum visits:

And also to construct collages from artefacts I collected which would be used to inspire compositional arrangements, including the use of colours and shapes:

This would be an ideal opportunity to return to the good habit of keeping a sketch book for honing observational skills and collating inspirational material.

Has anyone else already signed-up to this project, or is intending to take part? I am still slightly hesitant, but am drawn to the prospect of creating an artists’ book of source material for my new work in which I can freely explore ideas (and discard any that do not work!). As a mini-project it may also give me the opportunity to finally fulfil one of my art New Year Resolutions for 2011 to do at least an hour of art work a day.

Hmm – I may be starting to convince myself…should I bite the bullet and just get involved?

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