Just in time for Christmas

I set myself the challenge of getting two paintings completed for Christmas as a gift for my parents. These were paintings of local scenes that I had promised to do about a year ago. Plenty of time to get them completed you would think. As always however I left them until the last minute (although in my defence the deadline would not have been quite so tight if my neighbours bath hadn’t leaked into my kitchen and fused the electrics the Sunday before Christmas when I was getting into the flow of creating them!).

The resulting paintings were ‘Brucciani’ and ‘Central’:

Both paintings were eventually finished at around 3.30am on Christmas morning (and wrapped at about 10am!). Note to self: this was a little too close to the wire. The colour palette for these paintings was determined by the room in which they will be hung. I do not normally create paintings with determining factors such as this but it allowed for a sense of continuity across the two canvases.

The Brucciani painting is of Brucciani’s on Horsefair Street – a favourite place that we used to be taken to as children and now sadly gone. There are still two Brucciani’s in Leicester but this one was my secret favourite. It is still a place where my family meet for a coffee and is a bit of a local tradition.

The other painting is of the Great Central Railway Station – the carcass of this building still exists today although it has long since been out of service (a real shame, particularly as it the line is likely to have gone to all of the places you now can’t get to directly on the train from Leicester!).

Completing these paintings has definitely spurred me on to get back into the creative groove. I have now re-commenced work on two other unfinished (and vey overdue) canvases. These two paintings also form the basis for the body of work I hope to complete during 2012 on Leicester past and present.

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