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Not only did I attend a local Christmas Craft Fair today (very busy and a bit chilly) but I finally also managed to visit Talent House East Midlands (THEM).

THEM opened in November 2011 supporting, and only stocking, work by local artists. They are still only currently operating as a ‘pop-up shop’ so need as many people as possible to visit them.

It is a great place to find something unique to give as a Christmas present (and support local creative business). As I was paying for my own Christmas present purchases I gained permission to create a post about the shop – and they extend the following invitation to a ‘Handmade Christmas Party’ to anyone that is around to attend:

Unfortunately the shop may only be around until late January 2012 as that is when the initial lease is scheduled to end. Please offer your support if you can to try and enable them to extend their tenancy. I fully support initiatives such as these, and it is great to see Leicester getting some interesting and unique retail out-lets.

The alternative will be another empty retail unit. Creativity is often the key to regeneration, redevelopment and rebuilding the economy, so the slightest hint that Leicester could be the hub of such activity and innovation is quite exciting. If this kind of idea grows and expands into other empty retails spaces Leicester could become an exciting creative destination for both local people and visitors.

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