Homage to Herbert

My nephew turned 18 this week (*cue feelings of being very old*) and, as has become a bit of a custom for landmark friend and family birthdays, I decided to do a painting as a gift. We have spent many hours laughing about Family Guy (completely juvenile but hilarious!) and so the obvious choice was to do a painting based on this.

I opted to paint the character Herbert, particularly because my nephew does a brilliant impression of him that never fails to make me laugh! The resulting painting was ‘Homage to Herbert’:

Completing this painting took me right back to when I used to draw as a child. I used to spend hours drawing Garfield and characters from The Beano; cartoons were definitely where my love of drawing, painting and art stemmed from and their aesthetic still influences my studio practice.

For those of you that do not watch Family Guy, Herbert is a fairly controversial character:

Maybe not the most appropriate gift for a nephew, but he is 18 now so I’m going to argue that it is fine! I am optimistically planning to try and do another couple of paintings before Christmas but we will see how that goes…

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