One of the things that surprised me with the recent school talk was the children’s response to the following preparatory sketch on paper:

It reminded me of when small children at Christmas prefer the boxes that the presents come in to the actual presents themselves! Of all the things I prepared and took with me to the talk, this was a last minute addition (and one that I only showed as an ad-hoc afterthought towards the end of the talk!). It was also one of the easier items to transport! It goes to show how unpredictable reactions to art work can be. This was a spontaneous sketch that helped to inform my final body of work at University, and is not something that would normally be seen outside of the studio.

I need to try and get back to doing some more experimental sketches; not worrying about the final outcome often leads to unpredictable and inspired results.

Unfortunately I did not manage to get the painting finished in time for the Open 23 exhibition submission. Last year I stayed up for around 36 hours and got two paintings exhibited in Open 22. I have been fairly unpredictable regarding entering something this year: I was, then I wasn’t, then I might be, then I was again (with three days to go!), then the night before I finally wasn’t!

This year it got to 11.30pm on Saturday night and I knew that there was not enough time to get done what I wanted to do on the painting so called it a day. However, I am determined to finish this painting which has been a slow-burner (for about 18 months) waiting for inspiration to strike to resolve it!

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