Well the day of reckoning finally arrived; on Wednesday I delivered a morning of talks about being an artist to 75 five year olds at a local primary school! I was anxious about doing it as I haven’t had to give any kind of presentation for years, and I presumed a group of five year olds would be a pretty unforgiving audience they found it boring.

I had to lead sessions with three different groups for an hour each. I stated off by giving a presentation which showed them:

Local places to see art in Leicester:

Art they can see in and around Leicester:

Before moving onto talking about my early work and where I studied:

Examples of some of my work (these are the canvases I actually took in - there were also lots of additional images):

How it is exhibited:

Then some of my community art projects:

I then did an activity with the children where they painted one of the objects that I had brought in:

The green He-Man tiger was by far the most popular!

The morning seemed to go well. The children were brilliant and nearly all had their hands-up to ask questions. They all also each participated in the painting activity. It was great to see the less confident children produce something after watching at the side-lines for a while before finally getting involved.

Taking the route of talking about local art first seemed to work well as the children recognised some of the places and it seemed to capture their attention. I think that the talks definitely got better as I went along – until I actually completed the first talk it was quite difficult to know how to pitch the presentation, or to know what they would or would not find interesting.

If I helped to inspire just one of the 75 children to pursue art in anyway it will have been worthwhile!

I am now trying (possibly in vain) to get a painting finished for the Open 23 submission deadline on Sunday. I wanted to try and give getting something finished a shot, although I won’t be too upset if it isn’t finished in time. I would rather submit something I am happy with rather then something just for the sake of it.

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