Finally something new... last I have completed a new canvas! My artistic production rate this year has been slack even by my own usual ‘work-at-a-snail’s-pace’. The jump-start I needed to get cracking was trying to decide what birthday present to get for an artist friend, Lucy Stevens. Lucy does a lot of work around pigeonsand, following a conversational feed on Facebook, I combined her pigeon obsession with her love of leopard print to create ‘Coo’:


Acrylic on canvas


(Apologies for the bad quality photography – I had to take this in a rush before wrapping it as I was already an hour late to deliver it!)

Completing this canvas will hopefully spur me on to finally complete the ‘frog’ painting:

I have had ideas about how to resolve this canvas for a while but hopefully have re-gained the confidence to now finally tackle it. Sadly I am not sure if I am going to get round to submitting any entries for the Open 23 exhibition, but if you are a local artist (to my region) it is a great exhibition to support so get involved!

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