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I undertook a week as ‘artist in residence’ in a local Primary School after I graduated. It was part of an ‘arts week’ that coincided with the Queens Jubilee, and the highlight of the week for me was creating a large scale portrait of the Queen with the children:

I was really surprised how enthusiastic the children were about completing the painting, and that they stayed interested in the project for a whole morning until we all jointly completed it.

I was asked earlier in the year (but had forgotten about it until recently reminded) to give an artists’ talk at another local Infant School as part of an ‘aspirations week’. This is designed to show children what different careers they could pursue when they leave school.

I am now slightly panicking deciding what to present. I am thinking about doing a powerpoint presentation coupled with taking in some real paintings, objects I have painted from, sketchbooks, and some examples of how the children can see, think and interact with art in the environment in which they live. Am thinking I am going to need to keep the amount of talking to a minimum so I don’t put the children off art for life!

If any other artists have done something similar, and have got any good tips they could offer regarding how I could make the talk interesting to this young audience, please let me know!

The talk is scheduled to take place towards the end of October so still some time to prepare yet!

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