After (half-heartedly) tidying up the stacks of unfinished canvases in the studio I rediscovered this unfinished canvas from last year:

I was planning to try and get this one finished in time for the round of open exhibition submissions last autumn. As always I was being over-optimistic, ambitious and unrealistic (I was also working on two other canvases right until the last minute!).

I did manage to get the two other canvases finished and they were selected to appear in the exhibition. The only progress I made with the canvas was a bit of a step-back to this:

The painting has remained in this state eve since – almost a whole year! After rediscovering this canvas I have devised a new plan-of-action to try and get it finally resolved. My painting productivity (slow at the best of times) has been pretty much non-existent this year so this canvas represents are real concerted effort to try and really get back into the swing of things.

This canvas is one that I have battled with for years. Numerous images have been started and then, after unsuccessful development, been scrapped back and over-painted. As it currently stands this canvas has won numerous battles meaning that it will be really satisfying to try and ultimately win the war and get it resolved!

As this canvas is part of my own practice rather than a commission I will try and keep you updated on progress (both positive and negative!).

#Painting #Workinprogress #WIP #Portrait #Animal #Frog

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