On a scale of 1 - 10

My first painting to be completed this year (just before the start of the weekend and minutes before the deadline) was On a scale of 1 - 10:

On a scale of 1 - 10

Acrylic on canvas


Sadly, as I cut it so close to the wire completing this one, I wasn't able to get a particularly good photograph of it. To try and give a bit more detail here are a few (equally shockingly-badly-taken) close-up photographs:

This canvas was for a friend's birthday present and was initially intended to be completed in February! It is based in the following fabric sample from the headboard of her recently redecorated spare room:

This painting has been particularly significant as it has helped me to get back into the swing of making art work again after a rather turbulent start to the year. It has been a bit of a battle getting this one finished and forcing myself into making compositional, and aesthetic, decisions.

I usually give my paintings one word titles, but an exception was made for the title of this canvas as it has particular meaning to both the friend it was painted for and I. It also refers to the many layers of paint that were built-up to try and get this one resolved!

I am pleased to report that the painting is already in situ and my friend and kindly photographed it for me, and gave me permission to share some of the images on here:

Now to the small matter of getting another two overdue paintings finished for friends, and to start work on getting at least two more canvases completed for the round of open exhibition submissions in the autumn!

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