Yay for YouTube!

One of the (many) ways that I manage to waste my time is by looking at videos on YouTube, and catching up with TV programmes I have missed on i-playerand 4OD. Usually these are all trash-related viewing (although there is occasionally some form of more high-brow documentary), but last week I found a documentary about Jenny Saville (in three parts).

Jenny Saville is my favourite contemporary artist. She is definitely a 'painter's painter' - the aspect of the work I find most interesting and inspiring is her mark making, along with the exploration and application of the paint itself. I find her more recent work more interesting than the earlier pieces discussed in this documentary as they are far looser, the emphasis in her work for me has definitely moved away from the subject and more towards the medium and action of painting itself.

Saville doesn't ever really seem to do much press (to her credit), and although a contemporary of Hurst and Emin she has managed to remain focussed on her work and away from the circus of the media.

I can't believe I didn't see this when it was on and I couldn't resist sharing sharing the Jenny Saville word to try and get other people excited about her work!

#JennySaville #TraceyEmin #DamienHurst

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